Welcome to the Listen for the Sounds of IPF website

Listen for the Sounds of IPF is a global awareness campaign highlighting the importance of recognising early signs & symptoms of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and of accelerating patient referral to a respiratory specialist.

For more information on the disease and our federation, please visit www.EU-IPFF.org

This website highlights the disconnect between the optimal diagnostic path of IPF and the real-world situations.

Pick one of the paths and see where it leads you...

The ideal path for IPF diagnosis

Click here to find out how IPF should ideally be diagnosed. EU-IPFF together with international IPF partners is advocating to ensure early diagnosis of IPF and to expedite access to personalised treatment plans.

The real-world IPF diagnostic path

Click here to explore a real-world case of the IPF diagnostic path. Unfortunately, IPF is often misdiagnosed, as the signs and symptoms of IPF are similar to other lung diseases. ¹